ramon4Antarctica, the sixth continent, is the place of absolute challenge for the human being on Earth. Almost all of its 14 million square kilometers are an immense desert of ice of which Ramón Larramendi has traveled more than 8,000 kilometers in three expeditions. With his team, he was the first in history to reach the South Pole of Inaccessibility in 2005. He has also been to the Geographic South Pole twice. Nobody has ever toured so much with a non-motorized vehicle, and without any external support in the crossings.

In total, he has been on three expeditions in Antarctica since 2005, in which he has traveled about 8,000 kilometers, which makes him one of the explorers that best know the Antarctic interior. In two of them, he arrived to the Geographic South Pole. In 2012, his team was the second to reach it, without external assistance. He also guided the first expedition in history to the South Pole with disabled people.

-WindSled 2005-2006 Transantarctic 4,500 km 62 days

-2009 South Pole without limits 250 km 12 days, skis and dog sled

-WindSled 2011-2012 Acciona Windpowered Antarctica 3,500 km 32 days

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