calleja_polonorte1Ramón Larramendi is one of the few human beings who has been to the Geographic North Pole seven times. On the first one, he was part of the first Spanish team to reach the 90ºN coordinates, after a 66-day crossing from Siberia. It was an expedition organized with the TVE program “Al filo de lo Imposible” and they were the first to arrive in the history of Spain, in 1999.

Later on, in 2008, he returned as a guide to the North Pole with the team of another program from TV channel Cuatro, directed by the adventurer Jesús Calleja. On five other occasions he has been in the company of travelers, but not on an expedition, as a specialized polar guide.

-1998 Expedition to Magnetic North Pole 200 km

-1999 Expedition to the Geographic North Pole 1,000 km 60 days

-2008 Geographical North Pole with Jesús Calleja 100 km


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