For the preservation of a fragile and unique world.

The successful Spanish travel agency Tierras Polares, the scientific Inuit WindSled and Inuit Climate Patrol projects are part of the concern and vital interest of Ramón Larramendi: to raise awareness of the Polar Regions, their people and the challenges to those who face, through travel, exploration and social commitment.

Tierras Polares


Tierras Polares is a travel and expedition agency, pioneer in Spain, created in 1999 by Ramón Larramendi to make travelers from all over the world aware of the fascinating beauty of polar regions. The explorer is always looking for new routes and wonders to show to those who travel with him.

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Inuit WindSled


The project is based on a sled vehicle-convoy created by Ramón Larramendi, the only one in the world, which uses Aeolian energy to move and transport scientific equipment through the interior of the Arctic and Antarctica, in an efficient and non-polluting manner. With it he has performed 8 expeditions and has traveled 18,000 km.

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Inuit Climate Patrol


Ramón Larramendi’s initiative to collaborate in the conservation and exploration of the Thule region (Greenland), with traditional Inuit expeditions. Its objective is to promote knowledge of Inuit ancestral culture and apply it to current research. It is in development phase.

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